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Installation, restoration and repair of traditional wood floors and modern laminate floors in Brisbane using the latest dust-free technology.

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Adorable Floors offers the highest quality service to our clients, backed with 15 years experience in the field. We are fully licensed by the Q.B.C.C. and a member of the industry governing body A.T.F.A. We use cutting-edge flooring machines that produce a beautiful finish, and are specially designed to safely and cleanly remove dust.

What to look for when selecting a flooring specialist

Many things can contribute to a good flooring job. To help our clients better understand the process, we have compiled this list of our top five things to look for when choosing a flooring contractor.

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Adorable Floors are able to cover any flooring requirements, including hardwood floor restoration, installation of a new laminate floor, and decorative and practical finishes for concrete floors. Take a look at our services page for more information.

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