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Floor Restoration Services Brisbane

Wood Floor Restoration

We restore damaged wooden floors to bring out the natural beauty of this timeless flooring type

New Wood Floors

We can install custom wood flooring that is beautifully finished with fine attention to detail

Modern Flooring

We also specialise in laminate and concrete flooring finishes that will stand the test of time

Wood Floor Restoration

Using the latest restoration technology, Adorable Floors can sand, level and patch traditional wood floors to enhance their appearance and fix any issues.

All floors are cleaned thoroughly before applying the finish to ensure the remaining dust particles and foreign materials have been removed.

Depending on the product chosen by the client (oil, polyurethane or water-based), a sealer is applied, and then multiple coats of finish. Each coat is applied with care to ensure it is smooth and clean.

By the time the final coat is applied, the finish has a depth that will protect your floors, while bringing out the natural features of the timber itself.

One of the critical phases in wood floor restoration is the cleaning phase. Leftover dust from the sanding process can really ruin the final finish. That’s why Adorable Floors use the latest dust-removal technology in our sanding machines, so you know you’ll love your new floor.

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New Traditional Wood Floors

If you’re looking to build a new house, you might be considering a brand new hardwood floor. Wood flooring is a wonderful addition to any property, and has many benefits.

At Adorable Floors, we can help you select materials that will best suit your needs, and will give you the long-lasting beauty of wood flooring in your home.

Wood floors are great for many reasons, including that they are generally more stain resistant than other types of flooring like carpet, and they require far less maintenance once installed. They are also more sanitary, and easy to clean, harbouring less dust and dirt.

Installing your new hardwood floor requires experience and fine attention to detail. At Adorable Floors, we pride ourselves on workmanship that delivers quality every time.

Selecting the right timber for your floor requires careful consideration of a number of factors, including your preferences for appearance, and the amount of wear-and-tear. At Adorable Floors, we have the experience and in-depth knowledge to give you the right advice.

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Modern Flooring Solutions

Do you want the good looks of wood flooring on a budget? Adorable Floors can help!

We are able to install many different types of modern flooring solutions, including wood-look laminate panels, as well as decorative and practical concrete solutions.

We can help you select the right material for your needs, including flooring that will stand up to high traffic. If safety is your concern, we are able to install different types of floor finishes for concrete that improve the utility of the surface and reduce the slip factor.

For more details on your specific needs, just get in touch with Adam to discuss your project.

Thanks to new innovations, laminate flooring can be virtually indistinguishable in appearance to hardwood floors. You have a variety of options to choose from, and there is a solution for every situation.

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Selecting a Brisbane flooring specialist for your project

Looking for these signs will help you as a customer to make the right choice of service provider for your project. With the right contractor, you’ll have a positive experience and few to no issues throughout, and both customer and tradesperson will be happy with the results.


Good Communication

Good communication between customer & tradesperson is essential. Attaining a shared understanding of the finished product with regard to the customer’s expectations results in great outcomes.


Clear Quotations

The quoting process should be clear and concise and show detail in both pricing and time frames agreed upon which can eliminate any unexpected problems once the job is commenced.


Neat Presentation

Selecting a neatly presented tradesperson with the right equipment and tools in well maintained order can reflect the quality of the work provided.


Care & Attention

Care and attention to detail from your flooring contractor is an important part of the service and will give you satisfaction that your home’s interior and furnishings are protected from damage.


Industry Experience

By choosing Adorable Floors for your flooring needs you will be getting someone who not only addresses the above points but backs it with 15 years experience in the field, and is fully licensed by the Q.B.C.C and a member of the industry governing body A.T.F.A.


Poor Communication

Not feeling comfortable with the tradesperson can have a detrimental effect on your project. You need to know that are they really interested in your flooring requirements and are listening to your concerns.


Unclear Quotations

A cheap quote is not always the best quote – be on the lookout for hidden costs. Although price is an important factor, it must represent a quality job or otherwise it can lead to an unsatisfactory finish.


Untidy Presentation

A tradesperson’s presentation says a lot. If they are tardy and shabby, it can often represent the quality of their work & a bad outcome for your floor.


Lack of Due Care

Your home’s interior is important to you! A flooring job that leaves you with scuffed or damaged walls and cupboards or your valuable furniture covered in dust will be disappointing to say the least.


Unregistered or Unqualified

Hiring someone who is not correctly licensed nor an associate of A.T.F.A can be a big mistake, and will certainly lead to a bad flooring job. It also leaves you with less recourse in case you need to make a claim or dispute against the flooring company concerned.

Adam from Adorable Floors takes great pride in the smooth running of his projects, and goes the extra mile to ensure client’s furnishings and worksites are kept clean and undamaged. Get in touch with Adam today to arrange a quote for your next flooring project.

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